Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the prevention of oral diseases and the treatment of the most common oral disease, caries, which is why it is necessary to make restorative dental therapy for dental defects or endodontics, or treatment of root canals.

Restaurativna Dentalna Medicina

1.  Restorative therapy of dental defects

Caries is an infectious disease of the teeth caused by bacteria from the oral cavity, which leads to the destruction of tooth tissue and consequent loss of tooth structure. We mechanically clean the affected tooth to healthy tooth tissue, treat it with ozone, which has a natural disinfecting effect and help healing, and replace the lost tooth tissue with aesthetic composite or ceramic fillings (inlay / onlay / overlay / endo-crown). Karijes

2.  Endodontics

Endodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of pulp, the soft tissue of teeth, and pulp is made up of nerve fibres and blood vessels. When advanced caries through the enamel and dentin reaches the dental pulp, inflammation of the dental pulp occurs, and such a process is called pulpitis. The endodontic procedure begins with the recording of a 2D X-ray with the help of which the condition of the tooth and the appearance of the tooth canal can be assessed in detail. After the condition is determined, the dentist opens the pulp chamber and removes the contents, cleans the canal or canals with a mechanical technique and fills them with substitutes that prevent further penetration of bacteria into the tooth and the emergence of new infections. Depending on the volume of therapy, endodontic therapy usually requires only one visit to the clinic. After treatment, most of the crown of the tooth destroyed by caries, removal of an old filling or a fracture is most often missing. The endodontically treated tooth should be disposed of by augmentation in the post - endodontic procedure. It consists of an intra - canal peg around which a particularly solid material is added, the aim of which is to strengthen the remaining tooth structure and connect it to the root into one whole. Teeth treated in this way can, after being strengthened with augmentations, also serve as supports for prosthetic works. Endodoncija

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