Prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the restoration of one or more teeth and the correction of existing damaged teeth in order to restore the functionality of the stomatognathic system, the aesthetics of a smile, and thus self-confidence. Dental prosthetics are divided into fixed and mobile prosthetics. Fixed prosthetics include veneers, dental crowns and dental bridges, while complete and partial dentures and prostheses on IMPLANTS are called mobile prosthetics.


1.  Tooth scales

The veneers are an aesthetic ceramic prosthetic replacement permanently attached to the front wall of a tooth that has previously been minimally abraded. These thin ceramic sheets correct the defects of the colour, size or shape of the teeth in order to achieve the so-called Hollywood smile. Dental veneers are used to correct the aesthetic defects of the teeth, and they are most often used when the patient is dissatisfied with the natural shape of the teeth, when the natural teeth are worn out or have an irregular shape. The veneers are placed exclusively on healthy teeth. Placing veneers is usually a simple process that requires 3 visits to the dentist. protetika

2.  Dental crowns

Dental crowns are prosthetic replacements in the shape of a tooth crown that are fixed to a ground tooth to make up for a major lack of dental tissue caused by caries, endodontic treatment, or fractures. The patient can choose metal-ceramic, metal-free aesthetic zircon-ceramic and lithium-disilicate glass-ceramic crowns. Dental crowns are a long-term solution and are very affordable. In case the patient needs two or more crowns that are connected to each other, a bridge is made. protetika

3.  Dental bridges

Dental bridges are fixed prosthetic replacements that are most commonly used when it is necessary to make up for lost teeth in the dentition, using adjacent teeth along the empty space as bridge supports. With the help of dental bridges, we can replace missing teeth, correct bite or aesthetically correct the dentition. Dental bridges are a long-term and affordable solution for all patients who are not ready for implant placement. protetika

4.  Implant prosthetics

Implant prosthetics deals with the production of fixed and mobile prosthetic works on implants. Prosthetic works carried by implants in our clinic are fixed exclusively with the help of screws.

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