In order for IDC Ružević to be able to make an appointment for major surgical or implant-prosthetic procedures, each patient is obliged to make an advance payment of at least 50% of the price of the offer by coming to the Centre or to the Centre's account.

The remaining part of the contracted project must be paid no later than 48 hours before the agreed deadline for handing over permanent work, or brought on the day of handing over, unless otherwise agreed.

If the patient is not able to come to the agreed procedure due to justified reasons and timely informed IDC Ružević, no later than 24 hours before the scheduled date, the patient can use the amount of the advance payment for the same operation within three months from the date of cancellation; it is not possible to use that advance for other services, IDC Ružević reserves the right to keep the advance and it will not be returned to the patient.

If the patient cancels the scheduled operation and does not inform IDC Ružević, or notifies less than 24 hours before the agreed date, without a valid reason, the patient will be charged the actual loss and the cost of non-work engagement, and this amount is added to the offer.

If the patient is not able to use all agreed services due to justified reasons, IDC Ružević gives the patient a period of 6 months from the date of issuing the advance invoice to do the same work or can transfer them to another person.


The patient is obliged to use all services from prepaid or started works within 1 year from the day of issuing the invoice and paying the advance.

If the patient does not use all the services from the pre-agreed and paid package within the specified period, he is not entitled to a refund without a valid explanation for the services he did not use.

If the patient gives up from the beginning of the work, she is not entitled to a refund.

IDC Ružević guarantees the quality of each performed and provided service, however due to the uniqueness of the human body and individualized reactions of each individual organism there is always the possibility that the desired results are not achieved or to a lesser extent, especially if the patient does not follow all steps. necessary ace with which he was acquainted in advance. In that case, the patient is not entitled to a refund of the money paid for the agreed services.

Communication between the doctor - the ordinary and the patient herself is the most important thing in exercising the patient's rights and our obligations.

A clear agreement at the very beginning and a treatment plan that must be respected on both sides are the foundation of trust and a guarantee of ultimate success to the mutual satisfaction.

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