PRGF (Plasma Rich and Growth Factor) technology is the most advanced procedure for obtaining your own platelet-rich plasma. It is based on the formulation and use of the patient's own cells with biological activity, growth factors and fibrin biomaterial to stimulate and accelerate tissue healing and regeneration. This is a 100% biocompatible technology with excellent diversity, safety and efficiency. PRGF is one of the best documented procedures in the world with clinical data of over 20 years and is supported by more than 100 scientific papers and is available to us today, both in aesthetic and dental medicine. Plasma rich in growth factors affects a number of biological processes that promote cell migration, growth and morphogenesis, thus stimulating and accelerating the healing process and tissue regeneration. The diversity, safety and efficacy of growth-rich plasma opens the door to personalized medicine, which is already used in many medical and scientific fields, including oral and maxillofacial surgery with implantology, but also aesthetic restoration or rejuvenation of the facial surface. PRGF Endoret is a 100% autologous treatment, which means that there will be no side effects because no foreign things are used in the procedure and as such it is the only plasma treatment that has all health certificates and a license in the EU for skin rejuvenation (European CE certificate and US FDA approval ). PRGF technology can be applied to the jawbone and facial skin as it can help regenerate bone (close defects and increase bone volume) or reduce wrinkles on the skin by adding real collagen and slowly releasing nutrients and proteins into the skin.


1.  What are the benefits of PRGF?

- 100% bio-compatible method
- diverse application
- completely safe method
- has a strong bacteriostatic property
- simple and fast protocol (only 8 minutes of centrifugation and 20 minutes of preparation)
- activation and application control

2.  Application of PRGF in dental medicine (surgery and implantology)

Surgery and implantology without the application of PRGF technology is not a complete whole. When using PRGF technology in dentistry, we use a procedure in which we take a small amount of the patient's blood and use a special centrifuge to extract blood plasma rich in growth factors and stem cells, and use it for post-extraction wounds, sinus lift, bone regeneration in implantology, bone defects and spreading of thin bony ridges.

In post-extraction wounds (apicotomy, cystectomy, tooth extraction), PRGF technology is used for the purpose of preserving the alveoli and the operative site. It is a bone regeneration procedure in which replacement bone material is placed in the alveolus of an extracted tooth. In this way, we create better and safer preconditions for subsequent implant placement, reduce and prevent biological bone loss after removal, and completely reduce pain.

When performing a sinus lift, we surgically lift the bottom of the maxillary sinus and through a small opening in the bone, in the bottom of the sinus, we install a replacement material that is subsequently converted into bone, which allows the placement of implants.

In bone regeneration around implants, PRGF technology is the most advanced system available to obtain autologous platelet-rich plasma that can be applied directly to the dental implant surface thereby improving osseointegration (bonding of the implant to the bone) and at the same time subsequent primary stability.

Thin bone ridge regeneration is an increase in the width of the narrow bone ridge by various techniques and materials depending on the situation, of which the bone autologous block technique is most commonly used. Guided bone regeneration is performed using barrier membranes, tissue stimulating proteins, or bioactive growth factors. Sometimes bone from other parts of the body or synthetic bone is needed. The goal of guided bone regeneration is to stimulate the body to create new bone or retain the space in which bone will be created. Guided bone regeneration helps the body rebuild bone tissue lost by periodontal disease. With this procedure, other teeth in the jaw are more likely to stay healthy, and the procedure will also reduce the likelihood of developing more serious health complications associated with periodontal disease. Dentures will be more comfortable, and if you are thinking about implants, be sure to include this procedure.

By applying PRGF technology, we reduce the risk of infections, peri-implantitis and increase the probability of success of the entire treatment. prgf

3.  Application of PRGF in aesthetic medicine - skin rejuvenation

PRGF®-Endoret® (blood plasma skin rejuvenation) is a completely natural skin rejuvenation and treatment. Treatment begins with the collection of the patient's blood and the blood is centrifuged in a special centrifuge device to perform extraction of blood plasma. When the blood plasma is extracted, it is injected through the thin needles and the Dermapen device into the area of ​​the face, neck, décolleté or arms. The treatment is completely painless due to the anaesthetic cream that is applied to the patient's face before the start of the treatment, the purpose of which is to briefly cool and "kill" the skin on which the treatment is applied. The treatment is completely natural due to the use of the patient's own blood plasma, and apart from a small redness that lasts for 24 hours in the places where the treatment was applied, there are no side effects! Endoret - PRGF stimulates the production of its own collagen and elastin, which increases consistency and tension, reduces skin relaxation and ensures better hydration.

Advantages of PRGF treatment:

- restores time on your skin
- restores skin radiance
- "fixes" skin damage (wrinkle reduction)
- rejuvenates your face
- completely natural
- painless
- slows down the aging process of the skin

We are proud to point out that we are a licensed Centre of the BTI Institute from Spain for this part of Croatia and the EU in the application of this technology (Human Technology). Our doctors and nurses have undergone intensive training on this technology at the BTI Institute and know how to apply it in the most effective way. prgf

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